Before KAROPTIMA and since 2016,
many different missions with so many different people!


Strong experience in international companies and always « bilingual » French/English positions.
First dedicated to export, mainly working with America and Europe.
Then as Executive Assistant in medium companies to large-sized groups.


From 2016 until now with KAROPTIMA:

With HAND TO HAND, as my main and growing partner from 2016:

In charge of some admin work from writing documents to whole projects, dealing with data base,… but also finding some new ways to get financial support for new projects.

Since a few years, more and more focussing on organizing events or partnerships with both national or foreign dance groups. 
Also, enable for our top dancers and competitors to be part of events in France and mainly abroad (international Para Dance competitions). And because traveling abroad also means translating and speaking with other competitors or team leaders…..of course, here I am!

But this is only a small part of what all that has been achieved.